I came across this beautiful video of an excellent rendition of the “Little Drummer Boy” on Facebook with the status written thereby: “Heaven is sometimes hidden in human voices.” How true!!! I read many years ago, (or did I hear it from a priest or a nun?) that highly spiritual people are musically minded and have wonderful voices. I was tickled to the bones because I am both of those things: musically minded and with a wonderful voice, modesty aside (please forgive the bragging part). It’s truly a grace when all of a sudden, our hearts can open and burst into one big, heartfelt, soulful song of gratitude to God for making us as we are. I am far from perfect. In fact, I have lots of “unpolished edges”, so to speak. But when I hear human voices soar into a song, (or even hear myself singing), I feel like I’m transformed into an angel just by being one with the melody and the voice. In heaven, we will forever sing to God our praise, love and adoration for Him. Maybe that’s why the human singing voice could transport us to unimaginable heavenly heights because singing praise to God will be our eternal activity in heaven.



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Lyrics | Martin Nievera lyricsThe Promise lyrics” title=”The Day God Sang to Me”>The Day God Sang to Me

I once asked God how He can love a wretched and poor person as I am. I asked Him how man, imperfect and impure, can be one with Him in heaven when He is so perfect and pure. I posed that question to Him one night before I slept.

The next day, after work, my husband and I went to the mall to eat out and relax a little. Before we went home, we heard Mass at the chapel inside the mall. At the start of the Mass, the priest said, “We are God’s beloved and He will never say goodbye to us.” My heart was struck by an arrow shot from a quiver. My tears were running down copiously from my eyes, not to mention my nose. During the homily, the priest presented a video over a projector featuring the song “I’ll Never Say Goodbye” from the 1979 movie hit “The Promise.” My heart was burning. I felt like God was answering the question I posed to Him the night before. We are God’s beloved and He could not afford, not even for a single moment, to be away from us.

A few days after, I came across the book of St. John of the Cross, his Collected Works. The book spoke of an active and a passive night of the soul. The active night is our voluntary action, where we are the doer. The passive night is God’s action alone, where God is the sole doer. It is through the passive night that God purifies our soul so we can be pure and perfect like Him. St. John of the Cross called the process “making us God by participation.” My heart was bursting.God took the time to answer my question and to assure me that I will be together with Him in heaven. God will make us pure and perfect by His sole desire and action on our soul because we are His beloved. We have a very sweet and thoughtful God.