“Eye Has Not Seen Nor Ear Heard”


“The glamor of faces,
“the illusion of brawn,
“empty promises,
“hollow visions.
“Walk away and turn,
“and know the comfort
“and the safety of My Heart.
“See My Beauty,
“Learn My Truth.”

Lead me to Your Heart,
that I may feel Your comfort,
and see Your Beauty, and learn Your Truth.
My eyes long to rest on Your Face.
I paint You on the canvass of my heart,
its stirrings, an impetus to every stroke.
In my mind, I plumb the depths of You.
And I sigh,
With You, never again will a tear fall.
Only in Heaven will I know,
Even as I am known.
Can anyone be as beautiful as You?

(By Teresita Carigma Palos)