My Magnanimous St. Clare of Assisi


My Magnaninmous St. Clare of Assisi

St. Clare of Assisi lived in the 13th century, a contemporary of St. Francis of Assisi, and the first woman follower of St. Francis. I have always felt a close kinship with St. Clare because of St. Francis who was a pillar of the Catholic Church, together with St. Dominic during the medieval times.

A couple of years back, I read from the life of St. Teresa of Avila how St. Clare helped her when she was establishing her foundations under the new Discalced Order, “discalced” literally meaning barefoot or wearing only sandals, to reflect the eremitic tradition of St. Elijah in the desert of the Old Testament. St. Teresa of Avila narrated in her autobiography, “The Story of My Life”, how St. Clare appeared to her in her dream and assured her that she would help her with the financial needs of her foundations. True enough, the Sisters of St. Clare gave ample financial support for the realization of St. Teresa’s foundations.

Just two days ago, my husband and I thought of dropping by at the Monastery of St. Clare to ask for prayers from her good nuns because we got that feeling that we were running dry already on our finances. We wrote on a piece of paper all our prayer intentions, especially the more urgent ones. After that, we ate at a mall to relax and unwind a bit. While we were having our meal, my husband received a text that a certain transaction which we were awaiting for almost a month already would be nearing completion in less than a week’s time. A few minutes after that, my husband checked his ATM card and the money he was waiting for was already available. The next day, I received my bonus which ordinarily comes around the middle of May. Truly, my glorious patron saint, St. Clare, is very magnanimous, and not to mention, exceptionally prompt!

My patron saints have always been a big help for me and my family in all our spiritual and material needs. I have always felt their love, guidance and care such that the profession of faith in the Creed about the “communion of saints” is very real to me.

Thank you, my St. Clare!