Christian Charity and My Funny Foibles


Memories of my college days keep rushing back. My friends back then would always wonder at a very peculiar trait of mine. I could go to any place without money. It was not intentional, though. I would always forget my purse back in the dormitory and I would always travel around the campus penniless. Maybe, at a subconscious level, I was enjoying the charity of people who were very kind to help a poor, penniless girl. I could eat at a fast food place on a mere promise that I would later pay. It was not even a promissory “note.” It was on a mere verbal commitment to pay later. People were so trusting and I was enjoying every experience of people’s generosity.

One time, I made sure that I had my purse with me. There was a vendor on the streets selling native delicacies such as rice cakes which we call “puto” and “bibingka” in the vernacular. Then I took a jeepney which was plying round and round the campus. When I opened my purse, all I had left was a P500.00 bill. I had no small change. The driver asked me for a smaller amount. I told him I just spent the last small change I had on food. The driver quipped back that it was still early he had no change for a big bill. Having been used to generous and kind people with whom I dealt all the time, I offered as fare the rice delicacies which I just bought. The driver laughed at me like I was telling him a big joke. I was thinking of what to offer him next as a bargain. Then the guy seated next to me, himself a student, interrupted and said, “I’ll pay for her fare.” And he gave the coins to the driver. I was very grateful for the unexpected help coming from a student like myself. I was so touched I offered him likewise my rice delicacies, which he declined.

Even when I graduated already from college, started to work and got married, I have not shunned that eccentricity of leaving my purse at home and traveling penniless. Call it strange, but I had that funny feeling that when I needed money, I would always come across a generous soul. I on my part have imbibed that generosity shown to me by strangers that I in turn could spend my last centavo on my friends.

The Bible says, “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil” (1 Tim 6:10) Knowing that God is the Owner of the Universe and that He would always provide for my needs, I never worried that He would not supply what I need when I need it. 

Money is no matter to God. When He needed it, He nonchalantly ordered Peter to catch the first fish and he would find the money to pay for His tax and for Peter’s as well. (Cf. Mt. 17:27) Never allow money to stop our charity. 


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