On a Lighter Note

On a Lighter Note

A sari-sari store in the Philippines is a small convenience store that sells almost everything. It’s literally a variety store. I looked up the blogs of others whom I’m following and I wonder why their pages look so adorable. My page, in comparison, looks so comically puny, displaying visuals like a steering wheel, an LRT, and other unrelated photos when my topic was about God. Then I thought maybe I should close down my store, my blog. I was never a good salesperson. I remember one time I ventured into selling diamond and gold jewelry. I had them custom made by a jeweler. When I was selling them to my friends, they were all awed by them but nobody wanted to buy. Not liking that feeling of being jilted, and with all those jewelry pieces to dispose of but no one to buy, I gave them away to my family and friends! Maybe, they knew me so well, they were only waiting for me to dispose of my products for free.

That should be my attitude, giving away for free, without a price. I should be writing without any attachments, writing only as I am moved. Anyway, I’m enjoying the blogs of some people I follow. In the Philippines, there are what we call “nuisance candidates” in political elections. Call me a “nuisance blogger”, I won’t really mind. I’m enjoying myself too much meeting other people and reading their blogs. “Give, and it shall be given to you.” (Lk. 6:38)


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