“A Mother’s Heart”


Two years ago, my then six-year old son was bumped by a Honda City sedan right in front of our house. His nanny was running after his ball. Then it happened so fast. The car driver brought my son to a hospital to have him examined and treated. Luckily, my son did not sustain any serious injuries. The accident happened in the morning. I was at work. Our nanny and the car driver informed my husband about the incident. My husband did not tell me about it until the results of the lab tests were out and my son was declared okay, with only a bruise on his back. I learned about it past noontime already. I was shocked. I was both angry and devastated. When I saw my son, I hugged and comforted him through sobs and tears. When we reached home, my son was his usual self, running around and playing. But I could not get over it. The whole time, I was crying. My husband and I went to hear Mass in the evening to thank God for saving our son. All throughout the Mass, my eyes were blinded with tears, like there was a puddle of tears already right where I was standing. Since then, I doubled my prayers to God to always take good care of my family.

After almost a year, I was reading a book on the Immaculate Conception of our Blessed Mother Mary. I thought of the sorrows that she experienced as the Mother of Jesus, especially when she saw Jesus dying on the cross, and when she held the dead body of Jesus. Suddenly, I was transported to that time when my son met with that car accident. In an instant, I felt like a dagger was driven through my heart. The pain was so poignant and tangible; it felt like a real dagger stabbed my heart. My pain was renewed. But this time, I was sharing with the pain of our Blessed Mother. There was like a certain knowing and I felt how our Blessed Mother felt during the passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When God gives us light, the things we know about our faith cease to be mere head knowledge or theoretical. He establishes a certainty in our soul that after that infusion of light into our soul, that certainty is held firmly as truth. The first is like a blind person being told about the texture of a flower, its scent, color, and every quality that it has. The second is like actually holding the flower, smelling it, seeing the vibrancy of its color, and experiencing every quality of that flower. I have held the sorrow of our Blessed Mother in my hand.

After that infusion of light about our Blessed Mother, I have never felt closer to her in my whole life. She is very much my Mother in every way. Jesus gave her to me as my own Mother. “Woman, here is your son. Son, here is your Mother.”  (Jn. 19:26-27)


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